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Day2Day Rewards is a member benefit discount card that helps Local schools with fundraising


Day2Day Rewards is the easiest fundraising provider for schools. They allow a 'hands off' approach for schools while giving great benefits and rewards to the school community who join. 

  1. Day2Day Rewards is a member benefit discount card that helps schools with fundraising
  2. The card is purchased online for $20 at -
  3. 25% ($5) is donated back to the purchasers’ nominated sschool to help with fundraising
  4. Once a member is signed up they gain access to deals and discounts from numerous businesses all over Australia for 12 months.


What are the benefits

  • Day2Day Rewards is an EASY way to raise money for your school

  • Your school will receive $5 for every card sold (as nominated by you)

  • No cost involved for school

  • Members save $$$

  • Reward your school community



Find out how the program works in this instructional video.



how it works

  1. Your school advertises the Day2Day Rewards card to their families/supporters/community.
  2. Your school community then visit and purchases a Day2Day Rewards card for $20 and nominates your school
  3. The school member will then receive their Day2Day Rewards card in the mail.
    The Day2Day Rewards member can then benefit from the Day2Day rewards. 
  4. A rebate for every card sold is transferred to the school on a quarterly basis
  5. Schools can spend their fundraising where they wish.

How much does your School receive?

  • 0 Cards = $0
  • 1 Card = $5
  • 50 cards = $250
  • 100 Cards = $500
  • 500 cards = $2500
  • 1000 cards = $5000

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